Covid 19 Updates

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COVID 19 Vaccinations

As you are aware we have begun the delivery of the COVID 19 vaccine.  The quantity of the supply is limited and the timing of the delivery remains an unknown week-by-week.  In order to expedite the vaccination process, we are creating a waiting list.

DO NOT CALL the office to be added to the wait list.  Our staff is already overwhelmed with incoming calls.  To be added to the wait list please go to our website and click on the yellow button labeled COVID19 UPDATES. The link to sign up for the waitlist is at the top of the page.

We only provide the first (1st) dose via this wait list.  We are currently offering to those 65 and older. If you have received your first dose please return to the facility that you received that dose for your second dose. 

Please tell us your location preference.  Midtown, Barfield, or first available slot.

Please note whichever office you receive the first dose is where you will return for the second dose.

Updated: 2/12/2021


Dear Patient,

We appreciate your patience as we work to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to patients ages 65 and over. As we had previously informed you, the vaccine quantity is limited. We were fortunate to receive a small shipment last week without prior notification, so we acted swiftly to administer what we had of the vaccine. Moving forward, we will work from a computer-generated list of randomly selected patients ages 65 and over that have been seen in the last 12 months, and we will be contacting those patients to schedule an appointment for the vaccine. There is very limited vaccine supply and appointment availability is reserved for those patients randomly selected. We are continuing to request additional vaccine as it becomes available. We will only be holding clinics at our Midtown and Sandy Springs offices.

Please note again we will contact you when we have vaccines and appointments available. Please do not continue to call the practice or send portal messages to the providers to receive a vaccine appointment, as vaccine appointments will not be scheduled this way. We encourage you to continue to contact your local health departments and pharmacies to sign up for the vaccine.

We are working on creating a content area on our website to post any updates we have regarding the vaccine.

Thank you for your patience – it is a privilege to serve our community in this capacity.

Updated: 1/20/2021


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q:  What vaccine is Laureate Medical Group administering?

A:  We are currently offering the Moderna vaccine; yet, this may change based on availability.  The vaccine-specific facts sheet will be provided before vaccine administration.


  1. Q:  Will I be scheduled for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment if I call Laureate Medical Group?  If I call, will I get a sooner appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine?

A:  No. To best accommodate our patients, we will call eligible patients and schedule appointments.  We kindly ask you to not call or send a portal message requesting a COVID-19 vaccine appointment.  We will be using a random computer generated list from patients seen within the last 12 months that are 65 years of age and older.


  1. Q:  If I am contacted for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, can my family member(s), friend(s), caregiver(s) also receive the vaccine?

A:  No.  We are working hard to schedule individual appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine.  We will contact eligible patients as vaccine supplies and appointments are made available.


  1. Q:  I am not a patient with Laureate Medical Group.  Can I be scheduled for a COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

A:  The vaccine is administered to established LMG patients.


  1. Q:  Where can I find information about other locations who are also administering the vaccine?

A:  For additional information on COVID-19, please visit, or


  1. Q:  I’m eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine with LMG but have already received the first dose at another location.  Can I be scheduled for the 2nd dose at LMG?

A:  No.  Vaccine administration is closely monitored, therefore, you need to return to the original location where you received the first vaccine.


  1. Q:  When will I be scheduled for the 2nd COVID-19 vaccine?

A:  Our staff will schedule your follow-up appointment upon your check out from receiving dose 1.


  1. Q:  I am currently experiencing COVID related symptoms.  Am I eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine?

A:  No.  The vaccine is administered to asymptomatic patients.  For assistance with symptom-related concerns, please contact your provider’s nurse.


  1. Q:  What symptoms will I experience after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine?

A:  Each recipient will be given a vaccine-specific facts sheet with information about the vaccine. 


  1. Q:  How much does the COVID-19 vaccine cost?

A:  There is no cost to the patient at this time.


  1. Q: Can I get the vaccine if I have already had COVID?

A: Yes but it needs to be 90 days from your diagnosis